Aricode is actively seeking distributors for its innovative new product the A-2120.  To become a distributor for this exciting and game changing new product please contact our sales team at

Aricode is a high technology design and engineering company based in Cambridge, UK, the world’s centre of excellence for industrial inkjet printers.  Our printer has been designed by a team of acknowledged experts in the field of continuous inkjet printing.  Our designers have a proven track record of producing innovative, reliable and patented designs that have made millions for the companies that use them.

The A-2120 is an all new design that has already been granted 10 patents with more pending.  It has been made with the benefit of the experience of designers who have each worked on the technology for more than 20 years.  This has been coupled with the use of cutting edge manufacturing processes to produce an elegant design that belies the complexity of the technology it contains.