Print quality and Ink options.

The Aricode A2120 continuous inkjet printer is known for its exceptional print quality, making it a reliable choice for various industries requiring high speed and precision printing.

The printer employs advanced technology to ensure crisp clear and consistent prints across the available range of print matrices and speed capabilities, ensuring a high level of print definition across a huge range of applications.

The print quality of the Aricode A2120 is characterised by sharp text, and high-resolution codes.  The printer can produce legible and durable prints even in the most challenging production environments. The advanced ink delivery system ensures precise drop placement resulting in superior print resolution with the added benefit of minimizing waste.

The drop flight geometry has been designed to deliver industry leading print quality

The Aricode A2120 supports various types of ink to accommodate the different application requirements you find in the production environment across the wide range of manufacturing sectors.

Solvent based inks are suitable for applications which demand fast drying times and durable prints on substrates like plastic, metals and glass.

Water based inks are at the other end of the spectrum and are a more eco friendly option for printing onto porous substrates such as paper and cardboard.

UV Curable inks are available for applications which require instant drying on the substrate and then enhanced resistance to external environmental factors.

Food grade Ink, for direct contact onto potentially edible products, like eggs, cheese, and bread.

These ink options give our users flexibility in choosing the most suitable formulation based on the specific need of their printing application.

The Aricode A2120 stands out not only for its print quality but also for its versatility in handling these different ink types, making it an asset for businesses seeking reliable high performance continuous inkjet printing systems to fulfill their coding and marking requirements.

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